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The Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR) is a non-profit, non-partisan national association founded in November 2008 by a group of Law Enforcement and Retail Loss Prevention professionals that saw the need for the formation of a partnership. The Coalition provides a forum for public and private sector members, with experience in a wide variety of public safety initiatives, to aid and support the establishment of collaborative efforts that are focused on improving the safety of our communities and advancing the profession of its membership.

CLEAR's Board of Directors recognizes that there are many challenges to establishing collaborative efforts that support the safety of our communities. CLEAR, through public-private partnership arrangements, provides diverse training and education programs, offering timely, relevant information and insights to our Members and training participants as well as providing vital core resources for creating and furthering partnerships nationwide. Training and education events are focused on delivering the most productive and cost-effective training and development opportunities, providing unmatched content that contributes to both the success of our members and the continued success of the organization’s for which they represent.


CLEAR's mission is to build and support public-private sector partnerships focused on improving the safety of our communities. We accomplish this mission through supporting collaborative training and education events, open communication and networking opportunities. By working and training together, our Members create a tenor in which all understand they are stakeholders, who are aware and vested in the security and protection of our communities.




  • The primary goal of the Coalition is to provide training and educational seminars to our members for the purpose of furthering the below enumerated objectives;

  • Encourage mutual cooperation between all law enforcement agencies, business and private sector organizations throughout the United States toward the goal of advancing the security and protection of our communities.

  • Promote and encourage municipal, county, state, and federal organizations to create and support enforcement and detection activities that disrupt and combat criminal activities that threaten the safety of our communities.

  • Marshal resources to fight traditional crime through business leaders, and public service executives in specific community policing efforts and utilize the operational and technical expertise of the private sector with respect to combating financial, cyber, and technical crimes as well as supporting the implementation of crime prevention, asset protection, loss and risk mitigation strategies and methodologies.

  • Serve as an advocate of public-private partnerships and encourage and promote state and other national associations that share similar goals as the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail. Organize, on a national basis, those departments and associations who qualify for membership.

  • Accumulate and disseminate information of interest to all organizations and agencies in an effort to facilitate the duties of our members. Track and propose, both state and national legislation and other provisions concerning crime and related penalties as brought forth by individual states and organizations.


Key Values

  • Promotion of member teamwork in fulfilling the Coalitions mission and achieving its objectives as a non-profit, non-partisan organization.

  • Full and open participation by public and private sector members and encouragement of open communication between the public and private sectors.

  • Assistance to both the public and private sectors in public-private partnership analysis and implementation.


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